Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Still Laughin" by Common Ground

Check out the Links to the Remix, Green Mix, and Original versions of these classic S.O.A., Sluggerville, and Common Ground songs.

Track #4 of "Still Laughin"
P Clinic (remix)

Track # 9 of "Still Laughin"
Still Laughin (Green Mix)

Track # 10 of "Still Laughin" & Track # 20
Late Night Ridin (remix)" & Late Nite Ridin (Outro)

Track # 12 of "Still Laughin"
Bosses (remix)
Music Video of "Big Original Bosses (2004)" by Common Ground here-

Track # 16  of "Still Laughin"
I'm so Fly (remix)
Download Original version here (FREE)

Track # 18  of "Still Laughin"
Endless Luv  'I won't get Stuck' (Remix) 
Download Original Version on Datpiff Execlusive Mixtape here (FREE)
I won't get stuck (original version) is a Kwin MD solo track on
"S.O.A.Z Sluggerville And Extended Family Volume 1.3" recorded & mixed in Ohio.
The remix version of this song on the Common Ground "Still Laughin" album has both Omega Redd and Va'Les on it with Kwin MD.  Va'Les is laughin on the end of the song, Kwin MD and Omega Redd are singing and rapping on the Remix version.

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