Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Feel Good Music" 

by Lord Ravin, Big Ro, Murk, A-Geez, Kwin MD and Singutter

beat made by Lord Ravin

© 2011 (Published by APG Forx Publishing company 2011) 

Left to Right: Lord Raven, Big Ro, A-Geez, Murkie Doe aka Murk, Kwin MD aka Greenguy, and Singutter

"Feel Good Music" appears on the Common Ground album "Andromeda" and also appears on the Kwin MD aka DJ Greenguy compilation album "The Real McKome" both of these are available to download on iTunes.
Here are the twitter accounts for the artists on this Joint:

Follow Murk on Twitter- @MurkieDoe
Follow A-Geez on Twitter- @OfficialAGeez  
Follow Kwin MD on Twitter- @KwinMD
Follow DJ Greenguy on Twitter- @DJGreenguy
Follow Singutter on Twitter- @Singutter
[Lord Raven and Big Ro's twitter accounts are unknown]

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